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Work Space

A content creator is only as good as their work environment. Discover what will make you more effective and more productive in your workspace.

Work Enviroment

Respawn 3010 Gaming Desk.jpg

Respawn 3010 Game Desk

$340 USD

Take your game to new heights with the RESPAWN 3010 Gaming Computer Desk, in various colors, with pneumatic height adjustment. Ergonomic features like a beveled front edge, a monitor shelf, and accessory solutions give you a clean desktop and keep you in the game longer.

ArrowZoom Acoustic Foam.jpg

ArrowZoom Acoustic Foam

$50-$150 USD

This new acoustic foam is made with high quality imported foam. Sound Vibrations are broadcast through the air, causing issues with noise entering and exiting your studio environment. These sound absorbing foam panels are designed to reduce the echo, allowing for a much cleaner and crisper sound when streaming.

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