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Versatile Light For Streamers & YouTube? GVM 600S Ring Light Review!

Welcome To the GVM 600s Ring Light. This little power house is a great versatile video light for streamers and content creators. BUT, is it the best? Lets find out!

The GVM 600s is a dimmable video light kit that could be used as a ring light. Equipped with six detachable light bars, it can be added to increase the light projection and light range significantly. Offers a lot more light for your photography, live streaming, YouTube videos, beauty makeup, selfies and videos. In this product review we will go over all the positives and negatives for the GVM 600s Ring Light. - Stream Designs, Emotes, Badges


⭐Products Mention In Video⭐

🔷 GVM 600s Ring Light

🔷 Ball Head Mount

🔷 Neewer Ring Light


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