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Twitch Sub Points VS Subscription- What's The Difference?

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Need to know what the difference is for twitch subs points vs subscribers! You are in luck, I will explain exactly what are Twitch Sub Point and how they help you as a streamer.

What are Twitch Sub Points?

In short, Twitch Sub Points are how many points you have toward unlocking more emotes. As you accumulate Subscribers, Sub Points allow you view those Subscriptions across all tiers. With different values some Subscriptions are worth more than others in terms of revenue generated as well as Emotes unlocked.

What's the difference between Sub Points and Subscriptions?

Subscriptions earn you money as a Streamer. Sub Points are a way to measure the value of your Subscriptions and how close you are to unlocking more Emotes for your Subscribers to use. Once you unlock a new emote you cannot lose it even if you lose Subscribers.

How much are Twitch Sub Points worth?

Tier 1 Subscriptions are worth 1 Sub Point. Tier 2 Subscriptions are worth 2 Sub Points. Tier 3 Subscriptions are worth 6 Sub Points. Since Tier 1 Subscriptions cost $4.99, Tier 2 Subscriptions cost $9.99, and Tier 3 Subscriptions cost $24.99; Sub Points allow you to view the different values of your Subscriptions in one easy metric. - Stream Designs, Emotes, Badges

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