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Three Free Ways to Improve Your Stream!

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Submitted by: Pr1mal1nstincts (Twitch Streamer)

When I think back on my time streaming I like to think of it as a continual process of improvement. Every stream I get a just a little bit better. Sometimes the improvements come quick and often times they come slow, but I always try to look at ways to augment my streaming. There are many ways to do that such as using better audio equipment or improving your lighting.

Those are solid tips, but I want to go over some ways to improve your broadcasts that don’t cost you any money at all. I tend to break my stream down into three components: mentality, personality, and community. Mentality is the way you think about your streaming. Personality is what sets you apart when streaming. Community is those you surround yourself with on stream. If you can improve your mentality, your personality, and your community you can make your broadcasts better right away.

I usually start with mentality. It seems proper that we start there since mentality has such a huge affect on the others. Every stream and streamer are different, so of course you want to find what works best for you. On the days I feel like my stream is going well I notice I have more of a fun easy going mentality. I’m having fun with the game and fun with chat. However, some viewers are entertained watching a streamer struggle with or rage at a game. So keep that in mind, and try to find a balance.

Another important part of mentality, at least for me, is to not let the negatives get to me. While views are important I try not to dwell too much on the viewer count. While trolls, griefers, and their ilk are no fun I learned that sometimes you can win one over and earn a friendship. Streaming can be a grind sometimes so don’t be afraid to take a day off. Remember you can change your mentality at any time!

Personality is your greatest asset in streaming. It’s what makes you unique and sets you apart from the crowd. Do you have a great laugh or a lovely smile? Are you a kind and engaging person always asking people about their day? Maybe you’re the kind of streamer that does cosplay or face paint. Sometimes people will come into your stream and give you a compliment. Pay attention to those kind of comments they will help you realize your strengths.

Another good way to work on your personality is to go back and watch a past broadcast of yourself. One thing I worry about on stream is if I’m talking enough. A little trick I learned is to always narrate what I’m doing in game. That way I have something to say even if nobody’s speaking in chat. I’ll talk about my goals in game or plans for my next base. Anything to keep the conversation going.

The final component I like to work on is community. I tend to think if you have a good mentality and some personality then your community will grow on its own. As a streamer you are the person leading the show so your community is a reflection of you. You get to make the rules and you get to enforce them. If enforcing rules isn’t your thing then find some good moderators to help you.

I’m very selective when inviting people to game with me on stream. If someone asks to join my game I have never seen in chat before I tell them I want to get to know them first. Trolls want instant gratification and if I tell them I need to see them in a few streams before they can join they’ll lose interest quickly. A good community will offer you support and encouragement so be sure to return the favor!

Mentality, personality, and community are all areas to focus on if you’re looking to improve your broadcasts. Making adjustments to these three areas will cost you nothing but a little time and effort. While streaming try to look for other areas you can improve, and don’t be afraid to seek out some feedback. Viewers, moderators, and friends are a great place to find it. There are also streamers out there that offer channel reviews so that’s a great place to find some tips.

However you choose to further your streaming success I wish you luck!

- Pr1mal1nstincts


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