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New Twitch Copyright Music Policy - What Can You Stream On Twitch?

Confused about the new update from twitch on their rules for copyright and copyright free music. Lets tackle the issue right now!

Twitch recently made an update to their music policy on what type of music is allowed on their streaming platform. This change has a lot of streamers worried. But how serious is it? Lets take a look at what Twitch changed about its terms of service for its music policy.

Plus, I will show you some great platforms to get free copyright-free music from. This video is perfect for any Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer streamer looking to play music on their stream channel.


🎵 Copyright Free Music Solutions 🎵

🔷 No Copy Right Sounds YouTube Channel:

🔷 Monster Cat:

🔷 Pretzel Music Streaming:


🔗 Helpful Music Policy Links 🔗

🔷 Twitch Music Library:

🔷 Twitch Music Library FAQ:

🔷 Twitch DMCA Guidelines:


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