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Is This Cheap Web Camera Worth It? Tenvis TW888 Web Camera Review!

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Can this $40 1080p camera be too good to be true - In this video we take a look at the Tenvis TW888 web camera.

Tenvis TW888

Is this webcam from Tenvis any good? Well that's the question we are going to answer with this review. As with any webcam I have tested it thoroughly so I can tell you what to expect. I have come up with a list of both pros and cons for this Tenvis TW888 webcam.


The Tenvis TW888 has a very attractive price point at 40USD. This cam is mounted on a swivel base so you can adjust it to look in the direction you need which comes in handy. This camera does decent when it comes to low light capability, however it seems to introduce some artifacts and gain which start dancing around in the background.


I could not get the Tenvis TW888 to have a very good image color so that tells me the image sensor is probably not very good. Another feature of this camera I didn't much care for is the bowing effect around the outside of the picture which creates that fisheye look. I also could not get the zoom feature to work for this camera. As with most webcams the microphone leaves much to be desired.

Would you like to add a Tenvis TW88 to your setup?

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