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How To Pick The Correct Twitch Mod

Growing as a live streamer you will eventually need help, and best help you can get is from your Twitch Moderators. Lets Go!

Learning how to pick a Twitch Moderator for your live streaming channel is a super important decision. Twitch mods will help shape and grow your community in addition to having responsibilities with twitch commands, sending links, purging trolls and more.

So what makes a good Twitch mod? Stay tuned as I show you all the key elements you should use to pick the perfect Twitch Moderator. This video tutorial is perfect for any live streamer looking to understand how to pick and choose the best Twitch Moderator for their live streaming channel.


🔗 Helpful Links 🔗

🔷 Lord Shaffer's Twitter:

🔷 Lord Shaffer's Twitch:

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