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How To Make Money As A Twitch Affiliate - Ad Revenue Secret!

Twitch Affiliates can't earn ad revenue just yet on Twitch, but with this simple hack from loots you can? Lets Go!

If you are a Twitch Affiliate or Twitch Partner looking to make more money while you stream, then could be the answer for you. Loots is a platform that gives your viewers the ability to support you the streamer by sending advertised messages to your live stream. With each message sent, you earn money.

The process is even more simple now that loots is integrated with Streamlabs OBS. This video is perfect for content creator and live streamer looking to make more money on their channel.


Enjoy!🔗 Helpful Links 🔗

🔷 Streamlabs Prime:

🔷 Loots Ap On Streamlabs:

🔷 Loots:


🖥️ Helpful Videos 🖥️

🔷 How To Make Money On Twitch Without Being A Partner:

🔷 How To Make $100 PAYOUT Every Month On Twitch!:

🔷 How To Spend Your First Twitch Pay Check!:


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