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How to Make Any Microphone Sound Better For Free!

Struggling with audio on your streams or YouTube videos? Then watch these free tips on how to make your microphone sound professional. Lets Go!

Everyone gets lost when it comes to audio. It can be an overwhelming subject that is easily misunderstood. Lucky for you I am going to show you how to make any cheap microphone sound professional or any expensive microphone sound better.

The best part is it will cost you almost nothing to make your microphone sound hundred times better. This video is perfect for any streamer or content creator that wants to improve their voice and sound.


🎤 Recommended Microphones 🎤


🔷 Blue Snowball iCE

🔷 Blue Snowball iCE

🔷 Blue Yeti

🔷 Blue Yeti Nano

🔷 Blue Yeti Caster


🔷 Blue Ember

🔷 Audio-Technica AT2020

🔷 Shure SM7B

Boom Arms:

🔷 Neewer Boom Arm:

🔷 Rode PSA1 Boom Arm

🔷 Blue Compass Boom Arm

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