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How To Get Ad Revenue On Twitch - Loots Tutorial!

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Only Twitch partners can earn ad revenue on Twitch, until now. With any stream can start earning money off ads! Lets Go!

One of the biggest differences between being a Twitch Affiliate and a Twitch Partner is the ability to earn ad revenue. But there’s a slick way to earn ad revenue on your Twitch streams that most streamers don’t know about. This Loots tutorial video is perfect for content creators and live streamers looking to make more money on their channel - no Twitch partnership required!

Loots is a platform that gives all streams the ability to start earning ad revenue with their live streams. You don’t even have to be a Twitch Affiliate since Loots is a separate company from Twitch. With a few simple clicks and the addition of a few links, any streamer can gain the ability for viewers to send personalized messages that will display an ad. For each ad that’s shown, you make a little ad revenue.

With Loots, your viewers can go to your personal Loots page and send you a personalized message. Loots will then show the message on your stream along with an ad, similar to what you would see with Google ads. Each time one of your viewers sends you a message and an ad displays, you earn ad revenue!

It’s simple. Here are the basic steps:

Create a account

  1. Login and go to your Dashboard

  2. Click on the Live tab and then click Overlay. This is the physical display of the ads. You can choose where on your screen the ad will display. Remember to make sure you place the ad somewhere that will not block anything important for your stream.

  3. Select your streaming software in the drop down box. For this demo, I’m using OBS Studio.

  4. Loots will generate a unique URL for you. Copy the link.

  5. Open OBS and create a new source and paste the link. Test the ad overlay to make sure it displays where you want it to.

  6. Don’t forget that you are responsible for all content that gets displayed! Go back into Loots and set up any word filters that you want in place in order to control the message content.

The last thing is to make sure to grab your personalized URL from the Account section of your Loots Dashboard and place it somewhere easily accessible by your viewers. I suggest creating a new panel on your Twitch channel page. This way your viewers can get to your Loots page to send you a message and play an ad on your channel easily and earn that revenue.

These are just the highlights of how the Loots system works with Twitch streams, but if you want the full tutorial plus some important bonus tips about how to make the most money with Loots, don’t forget to watch my video. It’s applicable to streamers who broadcast on OBS Studio, Streamlabs and Xsplit. However, if you stream using Streamlabs OBS, I highly recommend watching my other video which talks specifically about how to set Loots up with Streamlabs OBS.

Check out my Loots Tip Jar Page:


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