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How To Build Your Own Studio Light For Streaming!

Time to increase the look of your stream by building your own DIY Studio Light for Streaming. Lets Go!

Making improvements to your stream is a must if you want to grow on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and Facebook. However, buying the best lighting for live streaming can be really expensive at the start.

So why not build your own studio light that will fill all your needs until your ready to upgrade. This video is perfect for any live streamer looking to improve the lighting on their stream.


💡 Stream Studio Light Supplies 💡

🔷 Large Brooder/Clamp Light:

🔷 65 Watt LED Bulbs (Warm White):

🔷 65 Watt LED Bulbs (Cool White):

🔷 Diffusion Gel Sheet: or

🔷 Party Gel Pack:

🔷 Clothes Pins:

🔷 Acrylic Sheet (Frost): or

🔷 65 Watt RBG LED Bulb:


💡 Lights Mentioned In Video 💡

🔷 ElGato Key Light:

🔷 Neewer 2 Pieces Bi-color 660 LED Panels:

🔷 Fancierstudio Lights & Green Screen:

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