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Best Microphone For PS4 Streaming & Beyond? Thronmax Mdrill One Review!

I got my hands on the Thronmax Mdrill One Microphone to see if its the best USB microphone for streamers to start with. Lets Go!

The Thronmax Mdrill One comes with a lot of bells and whistles for a starter microphone. Users have access to gain and volume knobs for easy adjustments while streaming and recording. Plus new vertigain technology enhances the clarity of a users voice for broadcast. But to all these features make it worth the money? Lets find out in this Microphone Review.



🔗 Helpful Links🔗

🔷 Thronmax Mdrill One Kit

🔷 Thronmax Mdrill One Microphone Only

🔷 Thronmax Caster Boom Arm

🔷 Tonnor Q9 Microphone


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